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Neeraj Dhankher 

Astro Psychologist, Jyotish Acharya
& Nadi Shastra expert

I am a practising Astro-Psychologist with proficiency in Vedic and Nadi Astrology. It has been more than 20 years since I have been providing astrological counsel to people across various walks of life. I was introduced to astrology at the age of 18 by my father who retired from the Indian Army to take up astrology as a full-time profession. At the age of 24, I completed my formal learning in vedic astrology from Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan, New Delhi. My core expertise is to analyse birth charts from the perspective of the Mind and how planetary configuration impacts our thoughts and decisions. This technique has helped me unleash massive transformation in people’s lives. My other areas of expertise include career analysis, prashna kundali and effective remedial measures.


Health Report

If frequent ill health is bothering you and stopping you from achieving your goals, you should opt for this report. This will include key observations on your health prospects, detailed analysis and timing of disease in future and remedies to improve your health prospects.

Love Report

If you are you a die-hard romantic but have not been able to find your true love, then this is the ideal report for you. It will include analysis of your Venus (the planet for love), positive combinations promoting love, personality traits of your life partner, timing and important dates for love and marriage.

Finance Report

If you are planning to invest in property, vehicle or stocks, this is the report for you. This will include analysis of your horoscope on the financial front, period when you will be able to increase your income, key period of good financial success and remedies to improve your finances from job or business.

Career Report​

If you are ambitious but have not been able to find your desired field of work, or not got the success, this is the report for you. It will address queries like what will be the best period of your career, when will you be able to reach a high point in your career and remedies to elevate professional success

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