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Note: Both Vedic and Nadi systems are used to predict and analyse events in one’s life

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  • Your purpose: Personality analysis with respect to mind, body and soul
  • Family prospects
  • Marriage prospects- When will you get married, issues and remedies
  • Children prospects–Timing of conceiving (in case of the couple, the female horoscope is a must)
  • Career prospects –  Suitable fields, job or business, good and bad period, periods for job change
  • Finance prospects – Good period relating to buying property/conveyance/savings
  • Education prospects – Suitable fields of study, favourable time period for higher education
  • Foreign Travel – Suitability and key periods
  • Remedies at different stages of life
  • Some important observations on your birth chart
Price: Rs.7000/-   (USD 120)


  • When is the best period of my career?
  • When will I be able to reach a high point in my career economically and professionally?
  • Is there any period to that is adverse to my career progress? If so, when?
  • I am getting a few job offers – should I look at the possibility of a change now?
  • When is a good period to seek a change?
  • Will I be able to do well in my current job get a promotion and stay on or shall I change the job?
  • Should you switch from job to business?
  • Timing and duration of foreign travels
  • What are the remedies to enhance my career?
Price: Rs.3000/-   (USD 70)


  • Key observations on your birth chart with reference to success in relationships
  • Understanding yourself and your idea of romance
  • Timing and important dates for love, romance
  • Is a break in relationship indicated in your birth chart?
  • Compatibility analysis with your lover (need birth details of your partner)
  • Remedies required
Price: Rs.3000/-   (USD 70)


  • Key observations on health prospects
  • Detailed analysis and timing of disease in the future
  • If you are already suffering from the disease then the period of good health or its re-occurrence.
  • Remedial measures
  • Critical periods requiring extra precaution
Price: Rs.3000/-   (USD 70)


  • Strength of your  horoscope on financial front
  • When will you be able to earn more money?
  • Will investment in shares/ property etc. be profitable?
  • Combination & Timing for purchase of property
  • Will you be able to purchase/changes vehicle and when?
  • Horoscope favour-ability w.r.t. speculation
  • Remedies required
Price: Rs.3000/-   (USD 70)


  • Is your spouse lucky for you?
  • Compatibility score card with respect to health, nature, child birth and physical compatibility
  • Will there be stability and compatibility in your married life?
  • What kind of problems you can expect from your spouse?
  • When are you likely to have children?
  • Manglikdosha and remedies
  • Price: Rs.3000/-   (USD 70)


    • Only one question can be asked at a given point of time
    • A question should be specific and not generic
    • Provide background to the problem (when it originated, efforts taken, issues faced)
    • Provide important dates in the past to help us establish the accuracy of your time of birth
    Price: Rs.1500/-   (USD 35)


    • Please provide date, time and place of birth of prospective bride and groom
    • A compatibility scorecard will be provided with reference to health, nature, childbirth and physical compatibility
    Price: Rs.1500/-   (USD 35)

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